About Global Disinformation Summit

In today's world with information accessible across social and digital media, where researches show that false news is 70% more likely to be retweeted and disinformation reaches people 6 times faster, government and business organisations are becoming clueless when it comes to managing disinformation and its impact. From misleading health advice, organised smear campaigns to reputation damage, false narratives to shaping public opinion on companies and products, the impact of disinformation can be critical and damaging. It is against this backdrop, Ejtemaat Events is offering an interesting summit that aims to create a meaningful dialogue and facilitate active collaboration amongst key actors in the sector so they can come up with innovative ways to overcome the threats posed by disinformation...read more

Key Topics of Discussion

  • Understanding the Anatomy of Disinformation: Exploring the tactics, techniques, and technologies used to spread false information across digital platforms.
  • Role of Technology: Assessing the role of emerging technologies, such as AI and blockchain, in detecting and mitigating the spread of disinformation while addressing potential ethical concerns.
  • Strengthening Media Literacy and Critical Thinking: Identifying strategies to enhance media literacy skills and cultivate critical thinking among citizens to discern credible sources from misinformation.
  • Impact Assessment: Analyzing the impact and damage caused by disinformation on individuals, communities, and institutions.
  • Countering Disinformation in Crisis Situations: Developing strategies to combat the proliferation of false information during emergencies, natural disasters, and public health crises to ensure accurate and timely information dissemination.
  • Future Trends and Challenges: Anticipating emerging trends, tactics, and challenges in the evolving landscape of disinformation and charting a roadmap for sustained action and innovation.
  • Regulatory Frameworks and Policy Responses: Evaluating existing regulatory approaches and exploring policy interventions at local, national, and international levels to curb disinformation without impeding freedom of expression.

2024 Thought Leaders and Specialists

Dr. Hussain Nadim
Dr. Hussain Nadim

Founder, Nerve Analytics & Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellow at Yale University

United States

Rand Waltzman
Rand Waltzman

Founder, Senior Information Scientist, RAND Corporation

United States

Jonny Bentwood
Jonny Bentwood

Global President, Data and Analytics, Golin PR UK

United Kingdom


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Past editions

Re-visit the inaugural conference and hear from global security experts and top industry leaders from across the world.

Keynote Address: Best Practices for Protecting Organisations Against Disinformation

Dr. Ahmed Saif Al Ketbi
Chief Information and Security Officer, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, UAE

Keynote Address: Importance of a national action plan for mitigating and combating disinformation

H.E. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti
Head of Cybersecurity, UAE Government

Keynote Address: Overview on the strategies and data solutions to combat disinformation

Doowan Lee
Senior Technical Advisor, Institute for Security & Technology, CEO/Cofounder, VAST-OSINT

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