Misinformation is not a new phenomenon in our world but in the past, its geographical spread was limited. Today dissemination of false information through social and digital media can spread across the world almost instantly, often creating massive destruction to national, commercial or private assets. Sophisticated scam artists and other nefarious actors are often involved in creating disinformation to create uncertainty and distraction which can adversely affect defense, security, banking, commerce, and other institutions. How can CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, corporate governance and risk evaluators, financial professionals, and security teams protect their assets in this new world?

Why now?

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation in a profound and irrevocable way, with entire populations forced to stay home and connect primarily through the digital realm. Many online platforms have reported increases in their user base from 50 -70% compared to previous years.

Given these statistics, it’s not surprising that CEOs and other government and corporate heads are concerned about the spread of disinformation and its damaging proliferation. We felt this most acutely with Covid-19 news and treatment; global anti-vax propaganda; and attempted election manipulation. Advancement in digital technologies and the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence has significantly increased the spread of disinformation, especially by state-funded players. As sophisticated technology continues to become more readily available, we will continue to see an increase in this trend and the negative impact globally on both corporations and governments.

This 2-day online conference GLOBAL DISINFO SUMMIT brings together leading academic scientists, defense, law and order, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences, research results, and counter measures to combat all aspects of Fake News, Social Media Manipulation and Misinformation. We will focus on ways AI and other technologies can counter disinformation while showcasing various methods and techniques to manage this menace.

Who should attend

C-Suite executives concerned about asset protection and reputational damage: CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO. CMO

  • Defense and law and order professionals
  • Social and digital media researchers
  • Brand owners, Family and Small business owners
  • Government sector media, communication, social media practitioners
  • Media professional with radio, TV, online, or video/film experience
  • Media students, academics, researchers
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