In today's world with information accessible across social and digital media, where researches show that false news is 70% more likely to be retweeted and disinformation reaches people 6 times faster, government and business organisations are becoming clueless when it comes to managing disinformation and its impact. From misleading health advice, organised smear campaigns to reputation damage, false narratives to shaping public opinion on companies and products, the impact of disinformation can be critical and damaging. It is against this backdrop, Ejtemaat Events is offering an interesting summit that aims to create a meaningful dialogue and facilitate active collaboration amongst key actors in the sector so they can come up with innovative ways to overcome the threats posed by disinformation.

The growing sophistication of disinformation, coupled with the evolution of generative AI technology, poses an unprecedented threat to governments and private organizations both regionally and worldwide. As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly adept at generating realistic-looking content, the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred, making it easier for malicious actors to spread falsehood and disinformation at scale. For governments, the proliferation of disinformation undermines national security and public trust, while private organizations face reputational damage and financial losses as a result of targeted disinformation campaigns.

The 2nd Global Disinformation Summit, set to take place in Dubai, UAE from 11 - 12 of September 2024, emerges with answers for your many questions related to disinformation, knowledge building and direct access to global experts. By bringing together global and regional experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders from diverse sectors, this summit aims to foster a deeper understanding of the threat posed by disinformation and explore strategies to safeguard the integrity of information ecosystems worldwide. Now is the time to confront disinformation head-on, forging a path towards a more informed, resilient, and trustworthy digital future for the benefit of all.

Who Should Attend?

  • Government Officials:
    Policymakers, legislators, and government representatives involved in shaping regulatory frameworks, public policy, and national strategies to address disinformation.
  • Government and Private Sector Media Professionals:
    Media and PR practitioners from government and private sector seeking to enhance their understanding of disinformation trends, fact-checking methodologies and crisis response management.
  • Corporate Sector:
    Executives, business leaders, and professionals from the private sector, including social media platforms, tech companies, and advertising agencies, interested in corporate social responsibility, brand integrity, and ethical content moderation practices.
  • Technology Experts:
    Innovators, technologists, and cybersecurity professionals working on developing tools, algorithms, and technologies to detect, mitigate, and prevent the spread of disinformation online.
  • Academics and Researchers:
    Scholars, researchers, and academics specializing in areas such as communication, media studies, information science, and psychology, contributing to the academic discourse on disinformation.

Why Attend ?

Cutting-Edge Insights

The 2nd Global Disinformation Summit promises to deliver cutting-edge insights into one of the most pressing challenges of our time. By attending, participants will gain access to the latest research, trends, and strategies in combating disinformation across various sectors and platforms.

Networking Opportunities

The summit provides a unique opportunity to network with leading experts, policymakers, and stakeholders from around the world. Engage in meaningful discussions, forge partnerships, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals committed to addressing the issue of disinformation.

Diverse Perspectives

With attendees representing a diverse range of backgrounds, including academia, government, civil society, and technology, the summit offers a rich tapestry of perspectives. Gain valuable insights from different sectors and regions, fostering a more holistic understanding of the challenges and solutions related to disinformation.

Practical Solutions

Whether you're a policymaker, journalist, educator, or technology innovator, the summit offers practical solutions and best practices to effectively counter disinformation. Learn from real-world case studies, workshops, and interactive sessions designed to equip attendees with actionable strategies to combat misinformation in their respective fields.

Innovation Showcase

Explore the latest innovations in technology and methodologies aimed at detecting, debunking, and preventing the spread of disinformation. From AI-driven fact-checking tools to provenance enhancing technology and blockchain-based solutions, the summit provides a platform to discover groundbreaking innovations shaping the future of information integrity.